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Bounce to safety in Holey Suit, to the Escape Pod!

Holey Suit, to the Escape Pod! is a free physics-based action game in which you play the last survivor of an alien attack. Wearing a leaky space suit, you're floating amid the debris of your ship with only one hope left: avoid the aliens and get to the escape pod before your oxygen is gone.

Learning to think backward

Succeeding at Holey Suit, to the Escape Pod! requires keeping track of several factors at once. You're afloat in an zero-gravity environment with no atmosphere,

so you need some form of propulsion. Your suit has a propeller that drives you forward; if you want to go backward, you can left click to fire your weapon, pushing you away with the recoil. Bouncing off debris will rob you of some of your momentum. As all this happens, your suit's energy will be gradually depleting and regenerating, while your oxygen will just be depleting. There are oxygen bottles strewn around the wreckage, as well as weapon upgrades, but there are also dangerous aliens.

Hard vacuum has never been this much fun

Holey Suit, to the Escape Pod! is a tricky physics-based game with unusual controls that take some getting used to, but can be very rewarding.


  • Fun physics gameplay
  • Cute cartoon graphics


  • Initially tricky controls
  • Requires patience to succeed

Holey Suit, to the Escape Pod! for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.1.0
  • 2
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